Friday 22 March 2019

Get the Look Vol.14

I've listed these cool antique hand made wood clamps yesterday, these are cool pieces for collectors but I thought it would be fun to show actual fun decor ideas that can be done with them.

These are numbered and signed by the maker, these days they are usually metal with plastic, made in the thousands.

They are super cool as a shelf to display small items.

They make a unique picture frame display, easy to change as well.

Great as bookshelves/ display. Maybe not very space efficient but they are super cool.

They look extra good with old books of course.

I would have liked this with a thicker shelf but I like the idea.
Did you think 'why on earth would someone want old wood clamps?' and do you now think 'I want some of those too!' ? :)

And while we're busy with old carpenter tools, how about this super cool steampunk lamp made out of a carpenter plane.

And we have two of those in the shop, can easily be rebuilt in a cool lamp :)


  1. Really cool finds and ideas how to decorate home! The book shelf is great. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Interesting thing
    And I really like how this can be used.

  3. Cool. Wouldn't work in my home decor but would be neat in a shabby chic living room!