Friday 31 January 2020

Goodbye Ernie, Hello Luna

We lost our sweet curly Ernie. He was the brother of Lili, Mimi and Toffee, all four grew up in our house and after 14 years it was tough to see him deteriorate all of a sudden. He had dementia, causing him to walk around in circles all the time. He lost a lot of weight and he just wasn't there anymore. We miss him terribly, he was incredibly sweet and just one big teddy bear and the King of the curls. As the second of the siblings is gone we are trying to prepare ourselves for the other two. The only hard part of taking care of so many dogs is losing them.

With losing Ernie and Simon we were down to eight dogs, a number we haven't had for 15 years, at one point we had 15 and for many years 13. In the past few years we kept the number at 10. A lot of people find it crazy to hear how many dogs we have but honestly, they are pure joy and love and we love having them. Their favorite hobby is sleeping and they are pretty calm and quiet as we are usually home. We have a big garden and a doggy door so they come in and out whenever they want, they also have each other.

Last Sunday we got up at 6am and drove to Izmir. We first went to the flea market as it is a 3-hour drive we wanted to visit there as well. We scored some awesome finds.

And then we picked up this pretty girl. She was taken from the shelter and brought to the animal hospital as she was so skinny.

You can see her ribs but her spirit isn't broken, she is very cheerful and already very attached to us. She is very sweet. She is extremely obsessed with food. but we're sure she'll calm down when she realizes she never has to stay hungry again. We've never had a dog that was that emaciated. People...

Although declared healthy at the hospital she has diarrhea and an eye infection, it might be side effects of her weak immune system, we have her eyes under control and will keep a close eye to everything else. It will take months for her to get to a good weight and be completely healthy.

She felt at home right away and has a good bond with Mimi. We called her Luna.


  1. It is always sad when you lost a dog ,and any pet of course. Especially after 14 years. RIP Luna.

    1. Ernie is the one we lost, Luna is our new girl :)

  2. It's so hard to lose your pet. And you think that you will never be able to fall in love again .... I hope that the Moon will cope with problems in her health

  3. RIP Ernie. What a cutie he was. The new girl is adorable though. I hope she is doing better by now.