Friday 17 January 2020

New Sea Urchin Lights

I've been making some amazing sea urchin lamps this week. Their bases are made out of thrifted vintage candle holders, I drill them and add cables. They will come ready to use with a little bulb and an electrical system according to the country you live in.

I'm totally in love with them and there will come more of them as soon as I've made them :)

The sea urchins are huge, with a width of almost 12 cm (4 1/2''). They are gorgeous with and without the light on but their colors change a lot.

Due to the vintage candle holders and the natural colors of the sea urchins, each lamp will be one of a kind.

I'm in love with them and will definitely make one for our new home as well!

Changing the bulb is easy as the sea urchin can easily be lifted, which makes it also easier to ship as the sea urchin can be packed separately. Check our shop for these amazing lamps!


  1. OMG! Such unusual and gorgeous lamps! They are truly one of the kind!

  2. I always wonder how patient you have to be when making things from see urchins. Great jobs done, girls!

  3. It is beautiful and unusual.

  4. They are amazing and woud be perfect for my beach house :)