Tuesday 21 January 2020

Get the Look Vol.18

I find owls always so mysterious and beautiful, I hear them sometimes at night, it always seems a different world at night when the critters come out. I loved the photo above especially due to the beautiful old books. Our owl is a signed handmade Mid-century piece made in the Brutalist style very cool.

These etched brass plates with enamel details are from India. There are many variations made of them. Ours are even cooler due to their open lace-like details.

Don't you just love little airplanes? I love how these are hung but they also look great on a bookshelf.
Ours is a tramp art, handmade, torch cut from the 1980's.

These brass Mid-century sailboats are made in various variations all with small differences. They are sleek and cool and a perfect gift for sailing lovers.
Ours has a little base which is rare.

I love birdcages, not for birds but purely for decorative purposes. I have two which I'm going to turn in to planters in our new home. They also look great with candles or lights, I'd go for led candles.
Our birdcage is a decorative Mid-century piece, very cool.

Although these candle holders from Anthropology are cool, I find our one of a kind candle holder made with real sea urchins even cooler :)

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  1. So cool finds. Love the bras airplane and little sail boat. Very decorative :)

  2. these metal works look great

  3. What a nice selection. Yes, owls are cool!

  4. beautiful selection! totally love owls :)