Sunday 30 March 2008


De moeder van de duizend poot
Is vreeslijk ontevreden,
Want haar zoontje is zo juist,
In de sloot gegleden.

En…als je even rekent…
Weet je wat dat betekent…
Op zijn hoofd een groote buil…

En duizend sokjes vuil!


Are you wondering what this is all about? This morning Estella was shortening a pair of pants of mine and one of the legs she had to do twice, because it didn’t go well. Afterwards she was muttering something about pants with three legs, what immediately made me think of a very sweet children’s verse about a centipede (a thousandfeet in Dutch). I have tried to translate the little verse for you:

The centipede’s mum
Is very, very upset,
Because her little boy
Has fallen in the creek.

And if you do your maths…
You know what it will mean…
A great lump on his head…

And hundred socks to clean!



  1. Sweet! We call them Tausendfüßler. So that's not hundred, but thousend feets! :)

  2. Love the centipede necklace and the ryme!

  3. I think the Tausendfusser is a milipede. In Asia, centipedes can be & big & poisionous - really, really scary! I do love the rhythme!