Sunday 23 March 2008

Sunday brunch a la turka

Turks love to picnic, stronger, going to the country side is the perfect excuse to eat copiously and to drink enormous amounts of tea.

A mere 15 km from Marmaris, where we live, there is a charming place called Çınar, plane tree in English, where indeed inside a plane tree forest, and making use of the natural wells, a restaurant has been built, and a lavish brunch can be had, all when feeling ‘one with nature’.

It is a favorite place with the locals, no tourist in sight, and you can expend hours eating –well, of course- and watching the ducks have their brunch. They really are funny!

'Hey Harry shall we race? I bet you can't hold your breath as long as I can!'

'Okey let's race then!'

'Ready....1...2...3, hold your breath and dive!'
'Blub, blup.....'

'He he, stupid Harry, I'll have a short break while you are down there!'
'Better dive back under before Harry sees it...'


  1. Hahaha... love your comments! You're such a great reporter, Star! Cinar looks really beautiful - love the green trees and I'm sure, the atmosphere is great too.

  2. Nice butt shots of those ducks, Star!

  3. Ah Star just what I needed, a fun story! I hate spending time with my inlaws. I need lot's of humor to pull me through!

  4. ha ha, Star - you tell such a good story!!! Love to read your blog :)

  5. Oh that was fun! And such beautiful spot for pic nic!

  6. Haha, I like how you pretend to know what the animals are thinking. :)

  7. You are a funny girl Star!! It makes me smile, because I see this kind of skit everyday going to work! They are really cute creatures! :o)

  8. Looks like a wonderful place to have brunch!