Saturday 1 March 2008

Living of the land

We were running out urchins, so one of the first days of spring - spring comes early in this part of the world- a new trip to collect sea urchins was made.

The road is bumpy, but beautiful, and all kind of living creatures can be seen. Here the buzzing beehives, painted in all hues of blue.

In the forground, an old water pit.

A happily grazing cow.

She got a bit annoyed with the photographer and left.

A lovely farm in the middle of a flower feld. You can not see it properly in the picture, but on the porche of the little house, an old woman is crochetting an oya.
In the orchad the fruit trees are still in winter sleep.

And the sweetest donkey, very photogenic, by the way. If ever I can realize my dream of living in the country side, the first thing to do is find myself a little baby she-donkey. I know, I know, I'm loopy...

And finally, at the sea shore, all kind of creatures that have lost their struggle with the waves.
And urchins...our best selling item at the moment. A new understanding of the adaggio of living of the land.

The beauty of the creatures.

And the beauty of the sea.


  1. WOW .... maybe we need to move to turkey. What beauty!

  2. I love the photos of the sea creatures! I'd love to sit there on the sea and make sketches of them ...

    Ahhh... you know that I'll come some day! Heheee... :)

  3. Beautiful sea creatures, Star. And I'm sure it would be nice to have a huggable she-donkey!

  4. Beautiful photos Star, the donkey is so cute!

  5. Beautiful pictures of the sea creatures and that cute farm, oh... :) We are actually planning our vacation in Turkey this summer :)

  6. Oh, so great these other sea creatures! Bit hard to turn a starfish into a piece of jewerly but it would look so cool! :)

  7. Great pictues, smell like spring. But the donkey is my favorite.

  8. Those photos were a true breath of fresh air in the middle of this soggy Oregon winter. Thank you!

  9. LOL It's a DONKEY!!!! =)
    I love them, so funny!

  10. Oh wow! I love the nature where you live!

  11. The sea creatures look so amazing!! You're so lucky!