Monday 7 April 2008


After a week of rain and stormy weather, we have a lovely sunny day today. It can change every second because it is still rain time here, clouds are ready to close the sun. We are not complaining, it didn't rain much last year and we had daily forest fires which is a terrible experience when it is just a few hunderd meters from your house. Last year we had a very close fire and we where very close to loose everything. When the forest fires start and you see the fire helicopters flying up and down from the sea to the fire, you think a lot about the people and their houses and feel sorry about the lost of hunderds or thousands of trees and animals, which will take years to recover and become again as it used to be...

After the rainy days, every thing looks so fresh and green, just wanted to show you a tiny piece of that greeness. I took these picture here at the garden of our workplace...

These are the blossoms of a lemon, orange and pear tree, it shall take a while till the fruits will appear...

Does nature not create incredible art...?


  1. that second photo is so gorgeous!

    Here the day started out like a perfect spring day, but now it is raining :(

  2. It's raining there too? Good that we get some water :)

    I have also wrote about flowers today, what a coinsidence :)

  3. Spring finally arrived here too :)

  4. Lovely blossoms! Finally there is some sun here too!
    Hope this year you will be spared the fires.

  5. Oh...wish I could grow citrus! Very pretty!

    We have the same fire concern here. Scary.