Sunday 20 April 2008

Nature has been painting....

We often try to escape to some lovely places on sunday's. Today we went to have a nice breakfast and a walk on the beach. But the beach was very colorless compairing to the colors on the sideway of the roads. This time is Poppy time, in a few weeks the heat will be so high that this beauty will be gone untill next spring.

Which reminds me a bit of the Treasury I made last night...

Look at us, like two smug little girls...

Doesn't it look like a painting? Well most paintings are made with nature as inspiration.

Some very lucky people who live just in the middle of this beauty...

The beach is still pretty...


  1. Stunning colors... all these poppies are just wonderful... and wonderful was your last Treasury!

  2. Oh poppies! My most vavoritest flowers!

  3. So lovely colors! Spring have always been my favorite- flowers, grass, sun and everything else, can't resist :)

  4. Poppies are great! So fagrile yet very strong flowers.

  5. you really lives in a beautiful country Star!
    Will visit you one day:)

  6. WOW! How pretty! I can nearly smell the flowers :)

  7. this is absolutely gorgeous!!