Monday 1 September 2008

Day and Night

These picture where taken from our garden, if you jump high you can see the sea, but for us the quickly grown buildings are all we can see.

But when the sun sets, it all changes with pretty colors. Sometimes the sky can be really amazing, and here you can see how the night changes everything, the moon like it is burning so red.

''In the day the sky has a fireball we call the sun
When stars come out you know night has begun.''
Elizabeth Hunt


  1. Wonderful view and magical sunset!

  2. Beautiful! I'm sure it looks breathtaking in real!

  3. Gorgeous view and quote!

  4. Reading the story of how your Etsy shop originated was heart touching... I've a very enchanting friend who just visited Turkey and she tells me her adventure there through her geology training was profound, inspiring, and beautifully awakening. Although I only saw the photos of her adventure my heart desire is to go see where you live someday soon, until then, thank you for sharing your incredible pieces of wearable art... You are inspiring!

  5. Wow Star, the view is absolutely breathtaking!

  6. how inspirational to look out at that everyday...I'd never get a lick of work done if my studio overlooked such a lovely landscape