Saturday 6 September 2008

Mum decided to cook...

... okay this title may be something very normal for the most of the world, but when we are talking about my mum, it is a totally different story.
Mum decided to cook, to my surprise, I had the mixing feeling of happiness because I didn't have to cook, shock as she usually never decides it on her own but is forced by me once in a while, and scared as she usually either burns herself or the food or some other kind of disaster happens.
I'm sharing this with you because this time she surpassed herself with an incredible creation...
here some pictures, be prepared and please do NOT try this at home in sake of your and your home's safety!

You might be wondering what this is. As I was working in our workspace I came in the kitchen and saw mum struggling with some noodles and asked her how the croquettes where doing. 'I don't know!!!' she said, I have to mention that being in the kitchen is not doing any good to her temper. So I checked the frying pan and found out that the cheese of the croquettes where no longer where it should be...

Some better views to imagine how it was...

Of course some problems followed, as how to get them out of the pan as the cheese was 'quite' melted...

After some hammer and nail work I managed to get it out the pan and put it on the plates...

Okay I have to admit with the salad (which was a bit tasteless) and the noodles (which where a little too al dente) it looked a little better...

Then came the second problem, how to eat them....

I must say croquettes have never been so much fun!

Mum was still in shock and inspected her 'art piece' with a big ''Wow, how the hell did I manage this??''

At least she admitted that is was quite horrible...

And hey, you have to admit, this IS really a One Of A Kind creation!!!

After this you might be wondering a few things.
No, we didn't finish them as they where like rocks. Luckily we have 15 dogs and they eat everything.
This meal took her 45 minutes to prepair, and 2 hours to clean the kitchen afterwards.
No, I don't think she will be cooking again in the near future...
And yes, I do still love her very much :)


  1. LOL! That looks fabulous... but at least you had a good time.

    (My grandmother can't cook either.)

  2. Hhahaha superb artful cooking! Looks good but is pretty useless for anything but the dogs. Well at least she gotta give dear mum that. That is quite enough for a big hug and lot's of loving ;0D

  3. I love Cheese croquettes but I like the; best when they are not fused all together! :) (ArtMind)

  4. Wow! looks super *lol*
    But she is still much better than my hubby, I think. All he knows is how to open a tin :)

  5. Ha ha ha! That was a riot! Well, she gave it her best I am sure! It looked like the ahem... food... caused you to have a wonderfully fun time. Thanks for documenting it!

  6. Mmmwuahahaaa! I had such fun reading this story. Thanks for sharing :)

  7. hahaha! love this story, star!

  8. Oh!!! poor you and mom!!!
    45mins to cook and 2 hours to clean, oh my god.
    She is cute, at least she tried :p
    hmm....... now I wonder what did you eat when you were little? O.O

    Really unusually happen. hehehe

  9. OMG!! What a sweet story! Don't give up, StarMom! :)

  10. This is so cute, Estella ! It could be me cooking those croquettes .....

  11. At least she tried!!

    I have an Award for you over there :

  12. 15 dogs! Who has time for cooking?!!! Yes, it does look great even if it didn't tastes great so she get marks for that! :)

  13. oh, Stars, you are both so great :)

    mmm, but this cluster of croquettes looks quite inspiring. just imagine urchins instead of croquettes :P
    necklace perhaps?!

  14. LOL... I am laughing now. This is so cute of your mommie, Estella.

  15. AAHAHAHAHAHAHHA, how funny!
    Thank you for sharing Estella, and a big hug for your mom for trying ;)