Sunday 14 September 2008

Ramadan Column


It is again that time of the year, the month of Ramadan, when practicing Muslims fast from sunrise till sunset. No food, no water, no smoke and no medicine is allowed to pass their lips. When the sun sets, the believer implores Gods approval to break the fast and gives thank for the gifts of the Lord. The fasting during Ramadan is one of the five corner stones of the Muslim religion.

I have earlier written about this, here, what my thoughts are on the matter. I think it an unhealthy custom, what also disrupts every day life that already is not very organized here, at the best of times.

There are enough Turks, however, who take the issue with a pinch of salt. This week, a columnist of Milliyet, one of the mayor newspapers, had a Ramadan Column. Enjoy!

A declared atheist, was walking in the woods, admiring the wonders of nature, when all of a sudden an enormous bear appeared between the trees and started chasing the man.


The guy runs for his life, but his foot gets caught in a tree root and the man fells. The bear jumps on the guy and lifts a paw.

And the professed atheist exclaims:
'Oh, my God! '

At that moment, time comes to a still stand. The bear froze, even the creek in the wood ceased to run. And from the sky a blinding light falls on the man’s face.

Coming from very deep, a divine voice, says to the man:

'All those years, you didn’t believe in Me; the creation was for you a cosmic accident. Now you call me. Can I count you from now on one of my servants? '

The man, not wanting to loose face (or life!) says:

'After all of those years it wouldn’t be fair to you to start to believe. But maybe you can make a believer of the bear? '

'So be it' – says the voice, and disappears.
The creek starts running again, every thing goes back to normal.

The bear lifts both fore paws to the sky and says:

'My Lord, with your approval, I break my fast; be praised for your gifts, my Lord…'



  1. Great pictures to go with a very funny story!

  2. I agree completely with inger!

  3. Beautiful and wise post..and I think that the real purpose of religions(almost all of them)got lost somewhere in the is just a matter of power..

  4. Cute story :-) Thanks for featuring my photograph!

  5. Hahaha!! Oh so nice!!

  6. What a beautiful and fun story! You constantly amaze me Star!