Tuesday 1 September 2009

Flickr Favorites- Less is More

1. Minimalism In Red, 2. Me trying out urban minimalism, 3. Spinose Minimalism, 4. Minimalism

Sometimes less is more, unfortunatly mum and I never have been able to live minimalistic, we simply have/love too many stuff. These photographs are all simple, but I had to mix the colors to give it some playfulness. I hope it will make you calm and give you a happy feeling...

Hop over to ArtMind's blog to see more Mosaics or to play along!


  1. Such a lovely selection of really minimal photos! Love them! Great taste! ;D

  2. I love your selection and colorcombo! I also like to gather stuff but I do make sure I try to get rid of some too! :)
    I like minimalism... and I'm working towards it! :)

  3. That's a vivid colormix, love it! To make things minimal is a challenge, I don't always have the patience. I like seeing rich colors and forms but minimalism makes my mind calm:)

  4. Beautiful colors!
    And sometimes you need to have a little more than minimalism :-)

  5. Wonderful vibrant colors! I like minimalism but lovely colors and beautiful objects are just as appealing. :)

  6. Wow, gorgeous colours....love the purple and magenta together!
    I like minimalistic things, being from Denmark I was brought up with the simple Scandinavian style.
    But I do like more elaborate stuff too...especially I love strong colours

  7. It does make me calm! Lovely choice and mix of pictures!