Tuesday 15 June 2010

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1. there's a place I dream about... where the sun never goes out..., 2. Cool Balloons Underwater, 3. Impossible Dream :), 4. Guessing Game: Where is the barking dog? Icy Winter Days in Germany

Dreams... sometimes you see what you desire, other times your fears. For others it is a mixture of events and at rare occassions people see the future although it might not be a very clear message.
I often can't remember my dreams, last night I saw that it had rained very hard and streams of crystal clear water (instead of muddy) went through our garden, and every where it was clean and shiny, like washed asfalt (instead of grass and mud).
Did you have a dream lately that you remember, or a dream that you would like to share?

See more mosaics at ArtMind's blog, you can join the game, it's fun!


  1. Life is beautiful with dreams !
    Why not :)))

  2. Stunning Beautiful,
    with that Mystic touch,
    that I love so much!!!!

  3. What a collection!

    My dream last night was some kind of a long, complicated adventure, like they usually are... It's a shame I forget the details soon after I wake up and just have vague impressions and feelings left by midday.

  4. My dreams are so realistic sometimes, that in the morning I have to go through it all in my head to realize if it is a dream or in real =D

  5. gorgeous collage and also wonderful theme!!
    sometimes a dream could be better then reality and when you wake up you are kind of disappointed :D

  6. Love this mosaic - I guess you had a magical dream :-)

    Today I dont remember my dream unfortunately...

  7. amazing mosaic! Your dream sound beautiful, I can never remember mine :/

  8. I can never remember my dreams. Yours look great! :)

  9. I want to dream like you do!