Wednesday 18 August 2010

Button Wednesday

I guess collecting is in the DNA of human. Everyone does collect something, except maybe a few minimalistic people.

With buttons it always starts slowly, clothes get old but the buttons survive so you remove them. You pass a shop and love some buttons although you do not need them. You even find them on the street and can't resist them. A bunch of buttons are left from a passed away relative. And then after years you have hundreds of buttons.

We are not such huge collectors as Petronella, but we are proud of our own little collection. Some have been with us as long as I remember, too pretty to be used or just haven't been matched with the perfect purpose yet.

And a little update with our handmade buttons, we have made monogrammed keychains, available in our giftshop :)

You can find more buttons here.


  1. Whoa! What a collection, are they going to becme lovely jewel also Star? P8 will love this:)

  2. Lovely Post! It's so true about cloths that wear off....and buttons survive often! Thanks for sharing. Petronella knows all about buttons!

  3. great idea to share the Button collection! inspires me to do the same..

  4. beautiful collection you have :)

  5. You're absolutely right about collecting buttons :)

  6. I knew you two had a button collction somewhere !!!! It's gorgeous how it groes, isn't it ? I love the metals....

    Thanks for joining my BUTTON WEDNESDAY !!