Thursday 12 August 2010

Our Creative Space...

While having a nice warm up with the macrame basket, and some left over from the thread we've used. I desided to make some straps for bags with macrame.
I didn't thought it would take so long to make it, but the result is even better then I hoped for!

I sewed the ends with some fake leather for strength. This will become a nice bag when we use it. I'll be making more in between as it is quiet a zen job; head on zero and just knot away :)

You can see more workspaces at Kootoyoo's blog!


  1. Yeah! Good idea, these straps look great and sturdy! :D

  2. Goodmorning :)
    Natural and beautiful !

  3. Looks fabulous! Looking forward to see the bag :)

  4. looks as though it was fun to make ...wonderful!

  5. beautiful texture! I love the fiber you chose for this strap!

  6. fantastic !!!!

    it is very zen doing those things ...
    sometimes repetitive tasks are just so good for you ....

    What about making some belts for Jeans too they look amazing !!!!

  7. WOW, I love those straps!! What a great idea!!

  8. I think this would make a good belt :)