Thursday 2 June 2011

Our Creative Space...

I'm always searching on Etsy and Ebay for gorgeous hand embroidered vintage linens that can be made the focal of a bag.

This one has it all: beautiful and skilled embroidery, lovely colors and a message to boost:
No roses whithout thorns - no love without sorrows

It will make a great bag.

And do you know what my sorrow is at the moment?

I spent days smocking that piece of fabric that you saw last week, and guess what? After finishing it and pulling the threads, I discovered that I had done the smocking on the wrong side, that is, the good side but it should have been the wrong side.
It was very clearly written in the book, why didn't I see it?

Now you can not get rid of those floating threads that you see here between the folds.

There are several choices now.

a) pull out all the threads and start anew
B) pull out all my hair and learn to follow instructions when I'm following instructions, if you get my drift
c) try and transform it into something different

Still thinking...

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  1. Oh no! That's the sort of thing I would do!!! I hope you find a solution - so much work!!! I love your smocking and mean to try it myself sometime soon!

  2. Oh, things like this happen... sometimes unfortunate turns out something very lucky. You'll come up with a nice solution!

  3. I would go for option 3 :))))

  4. Can't wait to see, what you come up with!

  5. Oh dear... I hate it when things like that happen... I have learnt to read instruction carefully now are quite a few misshaps with various projects!! Hope something good comes out of this misshap :)

  6. That vintage linen looks wonderful, I KNOW you're going to turn it into a fab bag!

    OMG... all that work... I can really see your sorrow! :( I hope you can find a neat solution that doesn't involve doing everything allover again! Maybe your option #3?

  7. Very nice words on the linen but my eyes went straight to that stripped pipping, I can't help it, I love stripes :). And about your smocking project, I'd also go for option 3!

  8. I would be pulling my hair out for sure but I hope you find something amazing to do with that smocking!

  9. Oh no! I did the same thing with some darning yesterday! So frustrating.

    Gorgeous embroidery :-)

  10. Oh noooo, after all that work! I have no idea what would be the best option, but I hope you find it!

  11. Oh dear - but please don't pull out your hair! That smocking is lovely however you look at it.

  12. It looks beautiful as it is. Make something different out of it. If you lack an idia in the moment postpone it for an other day.