Tuesday 14 June 2011

Saving Private Ufo

As you all might know by now, we take care of 13 dogs. All have their past and had their battles on the street or previous bad owners. They bring alot of love and joy in our life, although it is often hard as they depend on you like little children, little children who never grow up.

About one and a half month ago we noticed that Ufo lost weight and appetite, we bought nice food for him and gave it seperatly to him in case he didn't like the food or if he didn't want competition with the others. But under his thick long fur he kept feeling boney.

When a month ago he still was looking bad we let him be trimmed to see what would come out below the fur. An extremly anorexia type ghostly dog came out of it. He has never been fat, but was always perfectly fine. We then also noticed a large bump under his right eye and we feared that he had a tumor.

So our Vet took some bloodsamples and sent it to a lab, but everything was looking fine in his bloodwork. After some further research we discovered that it was the root of his tooth that got infected. The problem is that no vet here in our little town has much experience with such a case. So while mum investigated the true source on the internet we also searched for a dentist willing to help us out. We finally found a lovely dentist who wanted to help, on a sunday morning when no human customers were around. And this Sunday together with our Vet and another dentist they took Xrays and had to remove two teeth, and stich it all up to prevent bleeding. Ufo is now recovering with a sad face but hopefully in about a week or two he'll be good again, except for the swelling under his eye which will take a long time to go.

We are now relieved that the poor boy is not suffering anymore. Of course all this tender loving care comes with a price. The vet bill is every month our highest expence, but this month it's staggering...

All the things we do for our furry kids, is hard to imagine that some people can't love them is pretty unbelievable....


  1. Oh poor boy. How that must have hurt :-\
    Luckily it could be fixed !

  2. Glad he is fine now.
    My vet also is a pet dentist fortunately because I doubt any dentist around here would be as cool as yours!
    And vet bills... *sighs*I am always so worried about not having enough for the cats....

  3. Ohhh that poor boy; I hope he will recover fast. It's great to hear that two dentists wanted to do this !!

  4. First thank you for some bloody pics ;) and sec you are the best doggie mum ever. I hope your brave dog will recover soon. Good you found a creative and funky dentist.

  5. Ugh,... poor boy indeed. Wishing him speedy recovery (but I'm sure, he will with your loving care!).
    It reminds me of my guinea pig. Though in her case, it was indeed a growing tumor on her cheek. We managed to keep her alive for more than a year by feeding her baby food using pipettes - the doctor was stunned.
    Love keeps everyone/-thing alive, I guess.

  6. I'm so glad he's doing better now. I definitely wouldn't want your vet bills - mine are high enough for just one dog. She's getting older (nearly 13 now!) and we notice that we are at the vets more often!

  7. Poor Ufo...but also lucky Ufo for having such sweet people caring for him!

  8. ouch, that didn't look like a fun trip for the dog :/
    But hopefully he'll recover soon!

    Lucky for him a human dentist was so helpful, I doubt that would be the case here. But I guess the vets here might be pet dentist too.

    And I couldn't agree more on the love you give the dogs. I think if you start to take pets home, then you have to care for them. Period. That's also why we don't have pets right now, with all our moves, it'd be impossible to take care of them.

    Give him a tiny hug from me :)

  9. Oh poor boy... I'm so happy he's better now and I'm sure he will be fine soon, with all you loving care!!! You are the best doggie moms ever!
    I totally agree with you... pets are our children, we have to give them the best of our love and care!
    It's wonderful that a dentist was willing to help you and to give his expertise to help Ufo! Sweet!!! Great team work! It may have been a pain in the wallet, but... what a great joy for the heart! :))

  10. Oh pour fellow!I hope he will be better soon and finds his appetite!!!

  11. Poor Ufo - hope he will recover quickly, and that you recover from the vet bill too :) Erika Price Jewelry

  12. You both are angels! How lucky all your pets are to have such good mommies!

    Thank goodness you found a dentist to help you. Wishing UFO a super speedy recovery and lots of delicious food to gobble up once he feels better. :)

  13. He must of been in a lot of pain, poor guy. Happy he is living with 2 wunderful and passionate doglovers !

  14. Poor guy. I am glad he was able to get help. Sometimes you wish they could talk so they could tell you what is wrong with them. I had a kitty get a bad tooth too and didn't notice until it was hanging out of his mouth pushing his lip up all crooked. In retrospect he was sleeping a lot and the vet said they do that when they don't feel well. Luckily he got fixed right up and lived to be almost 20. Now they go get a tooth cleaning regularly. I hope UFO gets to feeling better soon.


  15. Thank you for being a good parent to Ufo boy. Big hugh!