Thursday 10 November 2011

Our Creative Space...

Thanks to a 5 day national holiday here every shop and everything was closed these past days. Which gave me the time and inspiration to finally learn to solder. The materials and tools were waiting for me for years and with a great tutorial I've been having super much fun.

Here some previews of what I've been making. Everything needs to be cleaned, waxed and cleaned again and then I can finish the pieces, but I am too excited to wait for that so here they all are in their current state.

I spray painted a large piece of driftwood slightly white. Below it will hang the crystals, to become a cloud with rain drops, all with found or vintage materials.

A beach tile has become a pendant.

This will also become a wall hanging, with large corals, all found on the beach.

The red corals are farmed bamboo coral, and not in any danger, just for those who wonder :) And will become super fun necklaces.

My mum wanted a walnut boat for ages, finally it could be made, and look how super cute it is. The sailis a piece of vintage doily, which we made a border for with wire inside to keep it in a perfect shape.

And finally two sea urchin ornaments, to decorate your house all year long.
I will soon show the results when they are completly finished with better pictures!
p.s. Today is the last day that you can enter our giveaway!

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  1. you are very creative!
    walnut boat is so cute, I liket it!

    (dióhéj mean: nutshell)

  2. how very inventive - gorgeous items

  3. WONDERFUL creations, girls!!!!!!!!
    I love the way you turn found treasures from my beloved Aegean Sea into amazing art pieces!
    Oh those pieces of beach pottery look SO beautiful! *drooling*

  4. o I wish I hadnt looked at this .... I so want another sea sculpture and the little walnut boat is too good !!!!!!!!!
    You two never fail to amaze me !!!!

  5. You sure have been a busy bee over the holidays :) Love them all !

  6. The ring with the small pottery is great!

  7. Truly inspiring how lost or thrown away things become useful for others. Super cute boat!

  8. Wow! Very cool! I love the cloud made of driftwood and crystals! Your blog is awesome...I will be following! :)