Thursday 17 November 2011

Our Creative Space...

I'm still having fun with soldering, and becoming more confidend to make more difficult pieces. These are the pieces I am working on right now.

Wood, glass, metal, stone, all come together, I hope they will become as I hope.

Pebbles and tiles with metal tails will become fun necklaces.

Not to forget, to my mother's dissaproval, I'm making a huge mess too :)

In the mean time mum hasn't been sitting still either, these two bags are my favorites that she has been making lately, love the natural touch of wood and linen. Both took her days to finish, a true labour of love.

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  1. woww totally amazed with your worksss...gooo go goo girls:-)

  2. I love your work and the bags are simply pieces of art. I would hang them on a wall as home decor:)

  3. oh the bags are indeed quite beautiful!

    And I love your soldering work *___* I need to learn how to solder stuff too ^^

  4. Bravo Estella! Wonderful work you are accomplishing! And I love your light-flooded working space (lucky girl!)!
    Yoour Mom's work is a dream too!!!!

  5. Gorgeous bags. Your mess? Well you can't experiment otherwise can you? And the important thing is that the end result is exceptional as always.

  6. Dear Estrella, we adore to look at your creative space, it is so interesting and inspiring :) :) :) As far as mess is concerned :), I feel that we might have something in common :) :) wishing you a great week!

  7. Lovely creations, both of you - you're such a talented pair!