Tuesday 20 November 2012

Searching for Red

I'm not a 'Red person' some people almost always wear red, I have maybe 2 red pieces in my closet and hardly wear them. Somehow red has never attracted me. But now that autumn is here and all around us are leaves turning a beautiful red I knew I had to make this board before all those leaves are gone. The leaved branch is from our own garden. The pomegranate I picked from our neighbor who never collects it anyway, will be a nice prop for some pictures before we eat it :) There is the Earthbound necklace, one of the few red pieces we have in the shop. A big red coral branch, farmed of course. a red feather, battery, a super tiny cute pair of scissors, ribbon and some more odds and ends. And incase you feel hungry now, it is because of the red, look out at restaurants they often use hues of red as it makes you hungry and thirsty :)

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