Thursday 31 January 2013

Last Raffle Day!

We are now announcing the last 24 hours to buy raffle tickets, we are at 871 tickets at this moment, only 129 tickets to go for our target, we can make it!

UPDATE: Last 18 hours, and only 104 tickets left to reach the 1000!!

UPDATE 2: 14 hours to go, and we are at 913 tickets!

UPDATE 3: Will wait 2-3 hours, only 62 tickets to go!

UPDATE 4: Closing the tickets sales now, we got 960 tickets!
Winners will be announced later today.

Please everyone who reads this, share and share again, lets make it happen at this last day!
Every dollar helps Sandra and her son's future, to pay her debts after a year of health expenses, and unfortunatly her husbands funeral. Everyone's help has brought some more light to Sandra's dark days and for that I want to thank you all.

I will update this post throughout the day, here are all the gorgeous prizes once again, there will be 55 winners, you can be one of them by buying a ticket or more, thank you!

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