Monday 28 January 2013

Monday Moodboard Raffle Day #10

This week again some beautiful items from Sandra's shop!
Incase you don't want to join the raffle her Etsy shop is her only income and she can use all the sales she can get. Please check all the previous posts to see many more beautiful prizes and the cause of this raffle!
You can leave your moodboard here by clicking on the 'add link' button.

Please keep on sharing the raffle we really hope to reach the 1000 sales to give her a lighter future.
You can win extra raffle tickets by sharing this raffle any place possible.

Here are 5 more beautiful prizes that can be won by buying ticket(s).

 Knitted head band donated by warmandsoft

 Embroidered Fox plush donated by WoodlandTale

 Baby booties donated by Hopphopp

 Beaded bracelet set of 3 donated by selenedream

Dangle earrings donated by sianykitty

1 comment:

  1. Lovely new items! This raffle is such a great thing! I can't wait to see the new items!