Tuesday 29 January 2013

Raffle Day #11

Many people have been offering more items to donate for the raffle, thank you all so much!
We will not be postponing the deadline of the raffle so won't be needing any more items, but can use all the ticket sales we can get for Sandra.

Thursday will be the last day to buy tickets, after that we will be closing the ticket sales, send the money to Sandra and of course randomly pick 55 winners, we will announce the winners on Friday!

Please see the previous posts for all the amazing prizes that can be won and the cause for this raffle.

In short Sandra lost her husband just before Christmas and after almost a year with little income and big expenses she and her little boy are now completly depended on her Etsy store. Incase you don't want to join the raffle her shop is full with gorgeous ceramic pieces. Also sharing this raffle at any social site is highly welcome and appreciated, we wouldn't have been able to sell almost 800 tickets if we hadn't got all your help, so thank you again! To show our appreciation you can win extra tickets by sharing the raffle!

Here are 5 more beautiful prizes that you can win!

 Hobbit Art print donated by ucuspucus

Knitted Textile bracelet donated by ylleanna

Polymer clay necklace donated by aplusdesignnn

 Teething textile necklace donated by Simplyacircle

Romantic beaded bracelet donated by missbabacilu


  1. Very beautiful and colorful items fo today!

  2. What a wonderful and heart warming cause; MaggieMays prayers are with the family and you for putting this cause together. I think its great that so many artisan's have taken the time and donated item's which are beautifully designed and of high quality. I just don't see any button's, such as, twitter, FB, etc., where we can share this event.