Friday 25 January 2013

Raffle Day #7

Only a few days left to buy tickets, I'm sure you have been spamming all your friends and family members with the raffle, but please spam them some more :)
We are now at 620 tickets, and you still haven't seen all the amazing prizes that can be won, there will be 55 winners, so you have a big chance to win something!

Please check the previous posts to see what this raffle is about, in short we are collecting money for Sandra, who lost her husband to cancer, and her little boy. This money will help her alot as she had  little income and extra expenses during her husbands illness, so please buy as many tickets as you can or buy from her beautiful shop which is her only income.

You can win extra tickets when sharing this raffle on your facebook page, twitter, tumblr, pinterest and blog etc, here are several links for easy sharing.
For facebook: this post
For tumblr: this and this post
For pinterest: this post and this post
For polyvore: this and this post

Spread the word any way you can, the sadness of loosing your loved one is already painful enough without financial problems!

Here are 5 more beautiful items all generously donated:

 Nickel Silver tree ring donated by Mirma

 Handwoven Silk unisex scarf donated by mammamiaeme

 Sterling silver bird necklace donated by serpilguneysudesigns

 Romantic heart home decor piece donated by mapano

Knitted bracelet bangle donated by kadabros


  1. Shared at my fb-page! And bought a ticket for myself too. I hope many people will help!

  2. Shared again on facebook (personal profile and page). Hope more than 1000 tickets ill be sold!

  3. Shared again on facebook. Hope more than 1000 tickets will be sold!

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