Tuesday 17 September 2013

Doggy Emergency

 About 6 months ago our 9 year old big girl Zeyno started to bleed, she can't be in heat as she has been spayed when she was 6 months old. So we took her to the vet and after blood and urine tests and an ultrasound nothing came up. With an expensive 10 day treatment of Vitamine K injections the bleedings stopped. Now it started all over again and before spending another fortune at the local vet we decided to take her to the Veterinarian Faculty in Aydın, a city that is about 180 km (112 miles) from our town. Here there are specialists and also more tests available which makes the long mountain drive worth it.

 The Faculty is outside the city and has a very village like feeling. Mainly farm animals are brought in as there are a lot of farms in the surroundings. As it is a Faculty all vets are also teachers and some professors but there are also vets-in-the-making, clueless students watching the procedures.

 The building is old, although there was now also a very new building for classrooms the examinations are still done in the old building. With ceilings so high that even a giraffe could be examined.

Here we are waiting in front of the xray room.

Ultrasounds showed that she has an unidentified cluster which isn't supposed to be there. The first guess is that a part of her womb was left behind during her operation more than 8 years ago, apparently even a fraction as small as 1cm ( 3/8'') can later on grow and cause for bleeding. It can also be a tumor, we will be sure once she has been operated as the ultrasound and tests can not tell everything.

So now after all those tests we came home with fearful hearts and empty wallets, Friday morning we will rise early and hit the road again so that she can be operated, hopefully this will heal her and no bad 'surprises' will come out of it.

Here some weird looking instruments at the faculty, the one above was a huge table with clasps, this is most likely used to keep a large animal like a cow firm and unmoving during an operation, I wonder what kind of lift they have to lift such a large animal on that table in the first place.

And this looks like it goes around the large animal and you can clim on the metal to examine the back etc without beeing kicked.

We'll let you know how everything goes, keep your fingers crossed and send some good vibes our way please!


  1. I am sure this lovely doogy will be very fine. It is important that you have found the reason of bleeding so I am sure it will be cured!

  2. I ma sure this lovely doggy will be very fine. It is important that you have found the reason of bleeding, I am sure it will be cured!

  3. How scary! Very sorry your dog! I hope all will well !

  4. Hope that your dog gets well soon and everything will be alright...

  5. Thinking of you and your doggie, hope she is well soon.

  6. Oh...poor Zeyno...:-( she is such a cute one! really hope she will feel better after the surgery...xoxox

  7. Estella,
    healing vibes and fingers crossed for Zeyno! :)