Monday 9 September 2013

Istanbul - Day 6

(Map source at DeviantArt)

Istanbul is the second largest city in the world by population, and keeps growing every day. One of the many things that makes it unique is that it is partially in Europe and partially in Asia. Water is an important part of Istanbul as it goes right through the city.
There are bridges that connects Europe to Asia, but due to the amount of people there are also ferries as public transport to cross the continents. So people who live in Asia and work in Europe cross by boat everyday.

Some of the bridges do not only have the function to cross rivers, on top dozens of men catch fish every day.

And under the bridges are fish restaurants to eat right near the sea.

New buildings keep popping up to accomodate the huge amount of people but Istanbul has a huge history so you can easily come across palaces, churches, fountains and amazing details of centuries ago.

It is definetely a city to visit, but not for just a few days, you can spent months discovering new places every day, best time is Spring and Autumn when it is not too hot but it is always crowded :)

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  1. Your posts on Istanbul are certainly inviting. This city seems wonderful! Thanks for sharing :D