Friday 6 September 2013

Istanbul - Day 4

Today was another day in Eminönü, for more supply shopping. As I forgot to take pictures yesterday I made sure to take some today.

This is the Spice Bazaar, inside is mostly spices, lokums, dried fruit but also gold jewelry and some gift shops. When you go through this Bazaar at the other end is the place where you can find lots of beadshops in all kind of places.

A shop with lot of seafoams as natural cleaning material and dried vegtables.

And here is Eminönü, but as mostl places in Istanbul it is extremely crowded and hard to stop and take pictures, this happens with 17 million people in one place :)

Lastly I found these street artists have very interesting outfits, not sure of their origins, my best guess is Peru but correct me if I'm wrong. Their music was extremely soothing and relaxing.

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  1. I think these artists may have been to my town in Crete also. Beautiful images!!!