Thursday 5 September 2013

Istanbul - Day 3

Here is a funny story, since the protests for the park, other small protests happened too, ways for people to make a statement. One of those is painting stairs in the city in rainbow colors. Istanbul is build on 7 hills, therefor there are many steep streets but also often stairs. Usually these stairs are grey. About one week ago a man desided to paint one of these stairs in a cheerful colorful rainbow, to bring some color to the street but also as an act of freedom and hope, and as a symbol of unity of different kind of people believing in the same thing (in this case a better government for Turkey). The same night the municipality of Istanbul painted these stairs back to grey. Of course this made people mad :) And as people got mad the next day the municipality painted the same stairs back in a rainbow. This act inspired many people and now not only in Istanbul but also in many other cities you can find these cheerful colorful rainbow stairs, here is one of them :)

Today I went for supply shopping, I was too tired and my hand were often too full to take pictures, hopefully I'll remember tomorrow to take some pictures of Eminönü, the beads heaven.
After that I met with several Etsy sellers, we had coffee and home made lemonade at a cute café and chatted about Etsy, handmade and politics.

From left to right Funda from FundaDemircan,  Serpil from SerpilGuneysu, Nesrin from Nikacollection, Pınar from Toosis, Aslı from Afra, Enhar from LoveJoyCreate, Sema from BeyazDukkan and me.

It was lovely to meet you ladies :)

After that Serpil took me to an old harbour which now is only used as a bistro café, a wonderful place, incase you come to Istanbul it is the old 'Moda İskelesi'.

A nice way to end another exhausting day :)


  1. So cool that you've met!!! Nice to the the faces behind lovely shop :)

  2. It's very funny day Estella! Nice to met with you and dear etsy friends!
    Thanks for sharing the photos!

  3. Oh...such a lovely gathering! I am so happy you had such a nice time! :-)

  4. It was very nice to meet Estella again in Istanbul. thank you for the blog post and pictures.

  5. It was very nice to meet Estella again in Istanbul. thank you for the blog post and pictures.