Tuesday 17 December 2013

The Magic of Felting

I have done it now several times, but every time is like magic!
Knit, knit, knit till you have an outrageously large and shapeless garment, throw it in the washing machine ...and voila, a perfect fit.

This is a free Ravelry pattern. Don't you love Ravelry? You can find it here.

The pattern is skimpy with directions. The slippers  are knit and than folded in an ingenious way. I strongly recommend that you mark the folding places like you see in the first picture, otherwise, the moment that you start folding you don't know anymore what is up and down and you are toast.

But the slippers are toasty :)

1 comment:

  1. Fun post. Maybe here's a solution to my swiss cheese drop stitch lack of knitting skills.,, haha
    Booties look cozy and nice colors too.