Monday 25 January 2016

Get The Look

Here are 3 home looks I love and you can recreate with items we offer in our StarHomeStudio shop.
Here above a large vintage map with wooden dowels hanged at the head side of a bed, found on HomeLife.
Below our 1943 Spanish railroad map, especially printed for the Spanish railroads in the WW2 era, with beautiful colors and details, as it is wide it would look great above a bed or anywhere else for that matter.

Turkish kilims seem to be very popular, you can see many on Apartment Therapy.
Here below you see a Turkish kilim from the 1950's available in our shop, we will be listing more soon.

I love the airy white and natural look of this home on cocokelley, the basket pendant lights caught my eye right away but with a price tag of 1,150$ each, they are not for everyone's budget.
Ours below is a fishing basket (it doesn't smell though!) washed ashore and ready to be used in your rustic home. It is not as big, but the price isn't either :)

It is funny how I am starting to get interested again in interior design. For many year I wanted to be an interior designer, and I graduated as one 10 years ago, but while still studying we started StaroftheEast and I never worked in the interior business. Now that we started to make furniture I started to appreciate my first love again :)
If you are following any home related blogs or sites I would love to hear about them!


  1. Love your inspiration and home decor ideas.
    And I understand your last sentence very well. Although I've never stopped loving architecture ^^ I learned to very much dislike the profession though :D

  2. I did notice the switch to home decoration, and it is your home decor shop I like most of all from your shops.
    Your restored furniture is just amazing!

  3. I absolutely love maps! I have a large one in our studio and keep thinking of adding another one. :D
    The rug is also beautiful! I had no idea it was called kilim. Learning something new each day!

  4. Old maps, kilims, and basket lightshades...everything I like :)

  5. Love the basket pendant light! I'm also interested in interior design and painting furnitures has been my first love. Good luck for your shop!

  6. Those vintage maps are wonderful! And that fishing basket, turned into a lamp is just amazing!

  7. Your home decoration ideas are fabulous!!!

  8. If you don't know of it, you might want to check out the blog The Jungalow... she has a very textural and color filled style that seems similar to some of your pieces.

    1. Thank you Kathleen, I did not know this blog, looking through it now :)

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