Thursday 21 January 2016

Rainy Days Projects

It has been storming and raining non stop for 5 days now, great for the mountains and trees who suffer long, dry and hot Summers. Our poor old roof is less happy, but there are no roses without thorns :) So we have been stuck at home, our beach visits also haven't been possible for a while.

While we layer ourselves with jumpers, the doggies find warmth and comfort in each other. Poor Zeyno gets smashed under the weight of Toffee, like every Winter. Beside breathing with a little difficulty she never complains, even though she is not comfortable at all.

Under my desk I found these 3 side by side, the one in the middle is the little one who came a few months ago, as you can see she adapted wonderfully :)

We have been mainly working online, adjusting shipping profiles. This Christmas we had a lot of delays, USPS had a hard time keeping up with all the packages, so we now also offer TNT express shipping, which arrives in 4-7 days instead of the 15-30 days of Registered airmail. All of our listings needed additional information, a super boring job which I managed to let Star-mum do. She had a bad pay back though...

 She is crocheting a new clothing piece for the clothing shop, and her pay back is for me to working away all those threads, arrrrggg, a super boring job, but at least I can watch a movie while doing it :)

And I am working on a new weekender with vintage embroidery. These take a about a week to finish with all the leather details, you can see one here if you wonder how they look like once finished.
I am however failing horribly in accomplishing my January tasks. The piano stool will finish. And we are promised to have some sunny days from tomorrow on so I will also paint the walls, the chair duo however will have to wait till February as I haven't even started yet!


  1. Your dogs are so cute :) Rainy weather... We have a lot of snow in Ukraine! A lot!!!
    This vintage embroidery looks so beautiful in process.

  2. Lots of project I see!
    It's been raining here too for way too long. I'm really sick of it and the air is so damn humid, yuck.

  3. Love your rainy projects and photos! Your dogs are amazing!!!

  4. Here it's snowy days also, but I'm getting quite lazy after being indoors a few days, really need to get out, soak up some light to get renewed energy.

  5. Cute doggies. You are busy bees, no matter what the weather is.

  6. I would need a doggie that can keep me warm. Even though it is warm enough for a "normal" person in our home, I am always cold.
    And I hope your roof can stand most of the rain!

  7. I love the doggie pile :) I'd love rainy days just for that.
    We're finally having some colder days here, that's nice because that means it stopped raining :D