Tuesday 1 March 2016

March Projects

March has just arrived but it has been feeling like May around here. Warm days, cool nights, but very early in the year which reminds me of the beautiful Oscar acceptance speech of Leonardo DiCaprio about Global warming, you've got to love the guy for using his influence like that!

Trees are in blossom, making everything colorful and pretty.

That said I finished painting the walls which was in my to do list for the month as weather allowed it. The two chairs I have been postponing for two months are still waiting though! The driftwood table took much longer than anticipated, but this month I will finish them!

Of course that doesn't mean that we have been sitting still, with the lovely Spring weather, Spring inspired bags were bound to be made :)

This one with a vintage embroidery showing two sweet parakeets and flowers makes me smile :) It is available in our bagshop.

Daisies have been popping up everywhere, again early for the year. Most likely we will have another rainy period and then another Spring, or at least I hope so!

And another Spring inspired bird bag, again with a romantic couple :)

This one is done with punch needle embroidery making it slightly three dimensional and very soft. Also available at StarBags.

And finally some gorgeous vibrant poppies which gives little dots of red in the valleys.

My only plan for this month is first finishing the two chairs, and then we'll see what else will happen :) Wishing everyone a fabulous March!


  1. Oh, Estella! Dream to be in this place! We have cold gray and rainy days here.
    Your bags are perfect! So delicate work!
    Have a great March!!!

  2. I am always surprised to see spring so "early", because I keep forgetting that it is me that is way up north in the cold. ;-)
    Lovely bags, and I can't wait to see what you will make with the chairs!

  3. I love your pictures! Your bags are adorable!

  4. aaah yes, spring is slowly creeping back, the warm day, flowers, etc.
    Can't wait! Also love your bags!

  5. The pictures you take are always breathtaking. What a lovely way to write something:)

  6. Spring seems to come earlier each year here too. In a way I like it but on the other hand, I find it scary too.
    Gorgeous bags.

  7. Pics are so breathtaking and bags are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Happy March Estella!!!

    Beautiful photos! I'm in love with the parakeets and flowers bag! I hope you send it really soon, it's gorgeous!!

  9. Wow! You already have daises!How cool is that! Today is the first day of spring here but we know that sometimes it can also snow in the following days! So no flowers here, daises are just for summer! It must be nice to live in a place where there's only summery weather :)

  10. Love the spring pictures! It's snowing outside (((((( In love with the first purse even though that's not my style at all )