Thursday 10 March 2016

Mid Century Revival

 I didn't keep my promise to finish the infamous two chairs before starting anything else. As soon as I scored this super cool Mid Century chair I was itching to turn it in a beauty (again).

I love Mid Century furniture the structures are often gorgeous, it was a good period for furniture and a joke with my mum as she is Mid Century too she always has to ad that she is from that same good period and that she turned out well :)

Anyways this chair had gone through some stuff and lost most of the back wood. The entire skeleton was wonky too and needed tender loving care.
First step was to find new sticks for the back which I could not find in our town but did find online locally so I had it in 2 days.

As soon as the old sad webbing was gone and the new sticks in place it already started to look happier.

As we had a few rainy days I could not work outside and made a total mess of the living room (which is by now restored to its usual medium mess).
Sanding and stabilizing the piece took much more time than anticipated, after a few back aching days it was finally ready to be varnished.

New webbing was stapled...

And a mustard colored upholstery fabric stapled on top and below the webbing and the frame was ready!

Mum had scored this gorgeous piece of hand embroidery, I thought it was knitted or woven but it is embroidery, a crazy amount of stitches in gorgeous colors.

The cushions got at the back sides again the same mustard upholstery fabric and on the front the embroidery, a perfect match. The cushion covers have zippers so can be removed for dry cleaning.

Tadaaaaa! Always so very satisfying to see the before and after pictures after days of hard work!

These type of chairs often have pretty boring covers, this embroidery gives it a gorgeous bohemian vibes and makes it totally unique and one of a kind!

The chair is available in our home decor shop among other unique furniture pieces :)


  1. so gorgeous! And yes mid-century furniture always has a lightness to its structure. Such beauties :)

  2. Another gorgeous piece that would perfectly fit in my house...

  3. I absolutely love your furniture projects! Usually when i see this kind of articles, i tend to get more pumped up to do things myself too. :D

  4. WOW I love recycling. It looks brand new! gorgeous

  5. Beautiful, as always! This type of project is the one I am awaiting most on your blog!

  6. May I know where is this? Interested

    1. Hello, the chair is sold, we do have other furniture pieces in our shop: