Monday 28 March 2016

Vanity Chair Gets a Boho Flair

I think the 80's was the worse fashion era ever, like horrible colors, weird baggy shapes and even hair and make up was bad. This vanity chair had the misfortune to be dressed (and made) in the 80's, I have seen worse clothing on people from that time but still this is bad :)

The shape and size however is adorable, it is almost like a pouf but with a back.
All the horrible fabric was removed, the body was reinforced, foam was renewed and now it was time for dressing her up.

You know how most women try a gazillion things went they go somewhere, making a huge pile of clothing on their bed in the progress? Well we always make a huge pile of fabrics and embroideries while we search for the best combo's for these furniture pieces.
For the 'dress' part we used a vintage handwoven, hand embroidered pleated skirt, the pleats needed to be opened and then resewn in the correct length to fit entirely around the body of the chair.

For the back we created Faux Chenille. This is a technique which starts with layering fabric pieces on top of each other, as long as the first layer is one large piece the other layers can be small pieces of fabric.
Those layers are then secured with safety pins or pin needles.

Then you sew diagonal lines with about 5/8'' (1.5 cm) between each line until your entire layers of fabrics are sewn together becoming a firm fabric.

Then in between each sewn line all layers are cut with scissors, except for the first layer which will hold everything together.

Once cut this is first thrown in to the washing machine and then in the dryer. You'll see why in a bit.

Like the blooming arm chair we wanted some crocheted flowers again for extra texture and quirkiness. This time they were dyed in greens and blues to match the fabric of the seat.

Now it is time to put all pieces together :)

The faux chenille becomes fluffy after washing and drying, the more the fabric frays the more fun the result becomes. While the green looks like grass, the flowers look very happy among the green.

I could staple most flowers to the chair as it was wood on the sides and back, with nails for staple guns. Only a few needed to be sewn as they came on the foam part.

This chair is now so fun and happy, vintage materials from different times mashed together with some crazy :)

The chair is now available in our StarHomeStudio shop among other one of a kind furniture pieces :)


  1. yeah, the 80 ties was a bit of an odd era. But at least colors were totally in and that's always a bonus :)
    Love what you made with the pouf/chair :)

  2. Oh, what a huge work with chair! It looks really perfect!

  3. Looks fantastic, love the color and all the flowers.

  4. Wow! Tremendous amount of work! I like the pleats on the lower part of the chair! I think it's an amazing idea, worth repeating!

  5. This chair was a real challenge and you transformed it in something from a fairy tale, well done!

  6. Ha ha I love the 80's extreme theatrical style :D
    And that is a lovely chair again...not very cat friendly though (or too cat friendly...)

  7. Your creativity is endless! I love the transformation!

  8. I admire your creativity with these furniture pieces. The faux chenille looks so fun with the flowers.