Thursday 31 March 2016

Summer Vibes, Beach Treasures

On Sunday we almost always go to the beach. It is our break and treasure hunt day. This Sunday I took a whole bunch of jewelry to the beach to take some pictures.

I have been wanting to take these kind of pictures for a while and am glad that I finally made a start.
It was quite a challenge as it was in a very different way than I usually do.

Instead of in the shade I was in full sunshine, I could hardly see what I was doing and was not entirely sure if the colors would come out alright.

Also there was a cold wind so I actually was in my coat lying on my stomach getting in all kind of different positions crawling in the sand to get it all right :)

But I will do it again as I liked how they turned out, a perfect Summer / Beach vibes and we can all use that.

All jewelry pieces are available at Star of the East.


  1. Gorgeous beach treasures as always, Star! Love the beach themed photos as well!

  2. These pictures are totally awesome! Your precious pieces turn out great!

  3. Beautiful pictures! They sure suits your amazing handmade style!

  4. photographing in the sun is really hard because of harsh shadows. It's often easier in the morning or afternoon when the sun is not too high. That being said, you did great!
    I really love the look and feel of those :)

  5. Beach theme is always a winner for me. The photos are gorgeous!

  6. I ♥ love ♥ the pictures so much. And the limpets jewelry with pearls are my favourites.

  7. Gorgeous photography of beautiful pieces!!!