Thursday 1 September 2016

San Francisco; Chinatown, Union Square and Twin Peaks

I returned from the USA Monday morning but have been super jet lagged and having a hard time getting a normal sleeping pattern, but I am getting there :)
I will finally share the remaining 9 days of my stay there.

On the second day I went to China town and also Union Square and the Twin Peaks.
I went early in the morning (I kept waking up at 6 am there, now I can not wake up at home lol).

As the shops were still closed ı could enjoy the beauty of the buildings and streets peacefully and could easily take nice pictures without tourists in the frame :)

I never been to a 'Chinatown' or China for that matter, it was so funny that even the ads, banks, street art and street lights were Chinese.

Mostly it were souvenir shops, but also lots of restaurants. I did not have anything to eat as I was there so early, I should have gone closer to lunch, maybe next time :)

The 'skeleton' of the buildings were all typical San Francisco houses but they got a Chinese make up.

I loved this East West Bank, and you heard a lot of Chinese, more than English at the hour I was there.

A pity that they had no Chinese traffic signs below the English ones :)

After my visit to the far East I went to Union square which was a mess due to a large construction work, so I only took a few pictures there.

Union Square is where are the fancy shops are, so not something my budget allows me to shop, but it is a famous landmark of the city.

I was more interested in the pretty buildings than the expensive clothing :)

On my way to Twin Peaks I saw a part of the neighborhood that is very popular among the LGTB community. San Francisco's population is 14% that belongs to the community and there is a huge pride parade here every year. As you can see lots of rainbows in this neighborhood.

It is also a very safe neighborhood as people are very protective (gay bashers will be sorry if they start anything violent).

The last part I took the bus as the roads are extremely steep, so steep that you actually climb a gazillion stairs to climb to the top of the city (Twin Peaks).

It was foggy so you can not see the sea.

Due to the height it was also much colder and super windy, I didn't stay long as I was freezing!
California is a very warm state, San Francisco however is usually about 20 degrees celsius and in the mornings and nights pretty cool.

More to come!


  1. pretty buildings beat expensive shops anytime! :D
    and thanks again for sharing, must have been so cool to visit!

  2. Gorgeous pics! I love Chinatown:)

  3. Finally I have some time again to travel with you in pictures. Chinatown is so photogenic.