Saturday 3 September 2016

San Francisco; Little Details and Transportation

One of the things I loved of San Francisco was the little 'surprises' on the streets, like this beautiful clock, people just passing by it, while it is a small part of history. These things often had plates explaining what they are which was nice too.

I saw two of these police telephone boxes. I doubt that they are still used but again a fun little thing at unexpected places, most people didn't even notice them.

 Loved these little round advertisement 'thingies' too :)

And this bell, on the plate it explained its history:
'In 1906 guidepost bells were placed along the El Camino Real to guide early travelers and to preserve this historic route which linked California's missions beginning in 1769'.

 Beautiful street lamps all over town.

And between the mix of old buildings and new skyscrapers you can discover little green places.

And hidden palm-trees within a building.

And I loved the different type of transportation's :)

 The school buses just like in the movies :) With a beautifully painted building in the background.

And then several types of super retro trams all in vibrant colors and beautiful details.

The fire trucks also had a vintage vibe but they might have been new.

and of course the famous cable cars, I didn't have a ride on them as there always were a lot of people waiting for them, maybe next time :)

Aren't they cool?

And finally a bus disguised as a cable car :)
My next post will be about Nevada city and Grass Valley which is about a 4 hour drive North from San Francisco.

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  1. Love the vintage style you've been able to capture in all these beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing.