Thursday 29 September 2016

From Ugly Duckling to Pretty Swan

We saw potential in this chair right away, the wood carvings are handmade which is often not the case, but the paint work was a yucky brown like they often are.

Somehow the brown stuff 'flattens' the dimension of the woodcarving, as soon as it is cleaned up the carving becomes so much clearer, which I have noticed with other furniture pieces too.

Sanding took many days with all the details, we contemplated to only varnish it, but eventually choose to paint it as it does make it different than usual and that is what we strive for.

Painting it took ages too, it needs several layers and all the different colors and carvings doesn't make it easy at all, but I finished it eventually :)

After varnishing the paint it was time to add filling and upholster it, which doesn't take that long compared to how many days the woodwork took.

The last finishing touches like some hand sewing and the trims in good day light...

And here she is :)
It is very colorful but not 'yelling', all colors come back in the paint work and embroideries, I love the weird choice of colors :)

The back is amazing too with a beautiful vintage hand embroidered embroidery, the arms and front are also hand embroideries, people used to have so much patience when there were no mobile phones/ internet/ TV!

I bought the striped fabric a few years ago in Amsterdam and we have been saving it for something special, it found its right place here.

Revamping these old forgotten pieces of furniture is extremely satisfying and fulfilling, turning them in the unexpected, given them a whole new look and life makes us very happy :)

Not to mention the old embroideries which we collect from all over the world!

You can see more pictures and details at StarHomeStudio.


  1. Wonderful chair! Love how the pattern of the woodcarvings now is much clearer.

  2. Love stripes combined with flowers. Great work. Congrats!

  3. Such beautiful embroideries!I wish you had made the sitting part black as well!AriadnefromGreece!

  4. Love it, such hard work but what a lovely eclectic piece as a reward

  5. Not easy colors to combine, and again you did it very well!

  6. Wonderful result! Makers gonna make :D