Monday 19 September 2016

From Trash to Treasure

Another ugly piece of furniture rescue project today :)
This was a coffee table, most likely it had a glass top which was missing. I loved the legs which are strong and plain but with a pretty shape.

I dismantled the entire coffee table, the hook kind of things will also be used in a different project.

The legs were sanded.

And then painted 3 times in a beautiful cobalt blue color. I hang them on a rack in the kitchen, it was the best place to do it, even though it was an odd location :)

We then applied cute little vintage decals to the legs.

After two layers of varnish, I had a piece of wood cut to size according to the piece of embroidery we wanted to use.

With black and white piping and ceramic beads on the side it has a quirky and unusual finishing touch :)

 The ottoman is available in our StarHomeStudio shop, among other one of a kind furniture pieces.


  1. So big work and so beautiful result! Love this bright style!

  2. OMG Is this for real. You have turned that piece in to a OOAK treasure

  3. Gaaah yes! I love when you transform trash into treasures! beautiful, as always!

  4. I wonder where you always find those beautiful and amazing fabrics. Great!

  5. Fantastic projet! I love all tiny details:) Wonderful job!

  6. You have amazing talent. Taking the most neglected objects and turning them into beautiful new pieces.