Monday 21 November 2016

Old Traditions

Here in our town we have lots of free courses. Mostly attended by women, here is one hosted by the chamber of commerce on hand knotted kilims and tapestries.

The huge looms, the yarns and wool are all given to the students so that they can make these pieces without any costs.

It is quite funny how much money is spent on some stuff here, but I do like these courses, there is also one to paint porcelain, silver jewelry and more. It is meant for woman to be able to make some money or create job opportunities. These courses are either hosted by the chamber of commerce or the ministry of education. I have been to many of these kind of courses, they are fun and free and each course gives something new. Mum and I actually first started learning jewelry making in one of these courses. But then continued further with time, practice and other courses and tutorials.

Row by row knot by knot these pieces take weeks, not my cup of tea these would drive me crazy :)

Each region has its own style, patterns and methods to create tapestries.

Would you join this course if it was in your town?


  1. I'd probably give it a go, yes. Now dreaming of making kawaii kilims ;)

  2. It's very important not to lose old traditions. Those tapestries are fabulous!

  3. I would love that! I don't mind it taking time as long as I can do other things in between. :-)

  4. That is so cool that you are getting those free courses. I find that awesome to empower women to learn things and be able to make a living form it.
    Bonus : traditional skills are kept alive :)
    I would absolutely participate too :D

  5. This course looks amazing! I would like to try (ok just a small piece first:)

  6. Amazing craftsmanship and a great way to empower woman! I would definitely give it a try, although I would tend to different patterns :-) Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures!

  7. Wish I had the patience to learn making tapestries, looove them...but I know they'd drive me nuts if I tried...Gorgeous pictures!
    Laura xo

  8. Fantastic opportunity for attendees and beautiful pieces. I would have no patience for this, but it looks awesome.