Thursday 24 November 2016

Tender Loving Care

I have been giving some TLC around the house. Last Winter I have finished quite some projects and we are still enjoying the results so I thought it was best to continue fixing up the things I can fix up on a budget :)
This is our garden door, we actually have two. This way if any of the dogs escape they don't end up on the street. It's not that they would want to run away but they are curious and can wander off and get lost.
It was in a very sad state, the door actually has started to hang, cracking the wall in the process and making it almost impossible to close it, it was beside ugly super annoying.
But let me get in to the details :)

Our sad little postbox. It is hardly ever used, all our phone, internet and credit card bills come through email to save paper. Normal post comes in a PO box at the postoffice. Only thing that comes in there is are the electricity and water bills as they are read every month.

After a metal worker fixed the door and also all 4 other metal doors that we have in the garden got some care and new door handles. The slide locks where a hell to open and were ugly too. As to answer your mental question of 5 doors, they separate the garden in parts. With 10 dogs, no man can get in our garden. But sometime someone needs to get in, like an electrician to fix something. We then lock them up in the back garden. The garden can be divided in 3 different ways which is handy :)
I filled up the crack in the wall, brushed the postal box and painted it with anti rust paint. Same goes for the iron door, with its pretty new door handle :)

So much better :)
You know for you it doesn't seem much, but when you pass these doors every day it is super annoying and after wards very satisfying (yes I am satisfied with small things in life, p.s. Happy Thanksgiving :)!)

Between the two front doors are our water and electricity meters. We had to move both of them as the guys coming to read them just can't get in. Our doggies are feminists, they can get along with ladies (if they are nice) but guys get always a few nibbles :D

The electricity meter was also rusting and got two coats of paint.

The second door got stuck all the time, and a very difficult sliding lock, was rusting and the white plastic that was attached to it looked miserable.

The new lock was a huge improvement, one of the hinge got replaced so that the door doesn't get stuck anymore. I painted the door and then sewed a beautiful natural looking fiber stuff and attached it to the door. This door has never worked so smoothly and never looked so nice in the 15 years we had it, yaaay!

With only a little cost and many hours of painting, I am happy with the results :) The other 3 doors are still in progress, I have to paint them in bits because of the doggies, but the end is near. Also some metal garden furniture is getting some love.
Do you do any work around the house yourself? Don't you just love giving stuff some attention?


  1. Wow! a lot of work!! I use to paint all the tubes and cables in my house, with flowers and that stuff :)

  2. You did a great work! Congrats on the final result!

  3. Great work! Crazy how much care a house needs. Sometimes I wish it would just take care of itself :D

  4. Great improvement. The metal work door are beautiful.

  5. Great work! It looks so much better now! ;-)

  6. Well done! Amazing to see that a bit of paint and love can make a garden entrance look stunning!

  7. Estella, you did a great job!!!!

  8. Awww, that was a little love to the home and it looks good!

  9. great job! everything looks new after your magical touch!

  10. Houses with garden always need maintenance and it's hard at the same time that a gratifying work :)

    Once I had 3 dogs and we also put doors for separating the garden :)