Monday 28 November 2016

Flower Power :)

This time our furniture piece started as a non furniture :) These large industrial spools are used often as tables and stools, the have metal pipes going through so are super strong and handy as they are neatly round already :)

I started by stabilizing it by adding wooden lats between the bottom and top, and adding wooden feet.

Then a strong fabric was tightly upholstered around this structure to make it evenly round, and on top of that a layer of foam to make it bigger and soft.

The bottom is usually just upholstered but because of the thickness of the velvet and the metal pipes of the spool I finished it off a little differently.

I upholstered a thin piece of round wood.

Which I then nailed to the bottom, covering up all uneven parts and finishing it neatly, it's all in the details :)

Here is the little ottoman after upholstering, but that was not all of course.

After making an arrangement of handmade fabric flowers I hand sewn them all to two sides of the ottoman, this part actually took much longer than the upholstery part. And yes, that is me at the end of November in my t-shirt outside!

And here it is, almost all made of vintage materials and fabric, a super flower power ottoman :)

It is cheerful and fun, and so love re-using all this old stuff.
It is available at StarHomeStudio, among other one of a kind furniture pieces.


  1. It almost looks like a tiny forest! :) great make-over!

  2. Love the final touch with fabric flowers! Great work!

  3. Wow, it's so pretty!!! Love those big fabric flowers!!!

  4. Such a cool makeover!
    And so strange to see you in your t-shirt in the sun when I have snow outside my window. Such contrast!

  5. this is absolutely gorgeous! What a fabulous work you did!
    And wearing t-shirt in late november... Lucky girl!

  6. wow! always love to see how you transform stuff... you truly have the gift! ^___^

  7. This is sooo cool.
    And I envy you the warm weather :)

  8. Your creativity is amazing!! Love your make over series:)

  9. The result is quite boho! Great work!