Monday 7 November 2016

Get the Look Vol. 4

I've always loved geeky stuff like microscopes, globes, and the like. The look here above is awesome with the botanical prints from GurelanArt with the insects and microscopes as props is super cool, and we are offering a 1950's microscope to get this look too, you can also still use it which is super fun.

I love old chests they look awesome, have something of secrets and treasures and can be used as coffee tables, side tables and of course you can keep your treasures inside.
Our beautiful vintage chest is about a 100 years old, I wonder what treasures it has hold in its time.

There are quite some vintage camera collectors, they are pretty cool, and you can still use them too if you enjoy using film in this crazy digital age :) If you would like to start a collection yourself or already have one (or know someone who has one) this vintage Polaroid will fit right in :)

I love this driftwood 'bouquet'! And it is especially nice for those who love the sea but don't live close by. So we offer beautiful natural driftwood sticks so you can create your own beach vibes :)

Or you could paint them :)


  1. Oh, yes. Chests are great treasures and are really multifunctional as pieces of furnitures.

  2. Estella, you always have such fabulous items! I especially like your optic microscope and the vintage cameras :P

  3. Love this one and the title......get the look! I love the looks!

  4. Cool decorating ideas!
    Love vintage "gadgets" like cameras, typewriters and microscopes. But since I hate to have to dust and clean things on shelves, I don't have any.

  5. Great treasures collection! Love driftwoods!

  6. You have so many treasures here!
    Wood bouquet is a great idea!

  7. wow! love that old microscopes!! really cool pics, and also the old cameras.
    Very nice post! ^___^

  8. What a finds:) Everything has a charm:)

  9. I love this selection so much! :) the polaroid camera you have in your shop is so cute!
    And I love the idea to paint the wooden sticks!