Thursday 16 March 2017

The Ultimate Transformation

We loved this chair the moment we found it. Not the dark brown paint or the old fashioned fabric but the shape was fabulous, especially the cute curly arms.

The paint work was horrible, dark brown with a very hard and shiny varnish on top, cleaning it off took several days as I could not continue too long without hurting my back or wrists, but eventually it got clean.

Already looking better once the brown mess was gone. The skeleton needed some fixing and strengthening but not much.

Now it was time to brighten it up with bright and happy colors.

Painting those red lines are the hardest, painting and varnishing took even longer than sanding and cleaning.

The last days I was working on it, it was very dark due to a storm so I worked with a lamp in my hand to not miss a spot :)

Once the painting and varnishing was finished it was time to add new foam filling and add the pretty embroideries. We had chosen the embroideries before I started to paint, that is why they match so nicely.

The 3 parts at the front were a challenge to do, and there is no do over when the fabrics are vintage embroideries, you can not rip it off and start over like you can when you work with fabric.

Finally the last step, covering the staples with trim, by carefully hot glueing it. Not a fun job but necessary :) The trim is vintage too, only the green fabric and foam and paint were new.

And the final result!

Our new favorite, so full of color!

Eventually the weeks of hard work did pay off.

The chair is pretty from all sides, a total of 6 vintage embroidery pieces were used.

What a huge difference from how it was, isn't it?!

The chair is available at StarHomeStudio, among other one of a kind furniture pieces.


  1. I am so impressed! Thank you for sharing the process picture, because you not only add new fabric, you dismantle and remake the whole chair! Waw! Beautiful and colorful choices that came out great! You're really becoming a master at this :-)!

  2. you always do an amazing work... but this one is really on my top 5!

  3. Awesome! It is like the spirit of the chair was set free!
    And love that picture of you holding the lamp while painting! :)

  4. and yet another awesome transformation! So love all of your furniture, your uniqueness truly shines through them :)

  5. oh my f** god! the result is amazing!!!!!

  6. wow Estella! wonderful job! I LOVE before and after pictures and how you manage to revive an old piece of history! True love!

  7. Lord! You have worked so hard! What a beauty!