Thursday 23 March 2017

Birds Bring Spring

A fun little experiment gave some lovely results. Yesterday I burned some copper scrap wire to remove a plastic protection layer and give it a rustic vibe. They have these funny wiggly shapes as they were tests from our course from 2 years ago where we had to exercise making sharp hooks :)
After that the entire mass got cleaned in the tumbler.

After a few hours of figuring out these adorable earrings were the result.

The flowers and leaves are very fine mother of pearl. The eggs are pearls and finally vintage plastic birdies.These pretties are available at StaroftheEast.

They are one of a kind and I can't get over how cute they are :)

Funny enough I had this book right near me when I made it but I did not realize how much they matched before mum pointed it out. I did not look at it so it is just a fun coincident.
As a Potter fan I had to have it of course :)