Thursday 2 March 2017


On Tuesday I went with a friend to Izmir, a city of about 6 million people and the place we usually go for our supplies and IKEA. It is about 3-4 hours to drive so back and forth take 6-8 hours, not something you do often.
We had a long shopping list for IKEA, and just today we discovered that we wrote the wrong numbers and that I bought the wrong cabinets so I will be going again in a few days.

But beside IKEA we also went to some woodworkers as we wanted some wooden feet for ottomans and  such. Among the many wood shops there was one that was quite special.

It was old school, entirely hand made woodworking with only hand tools.

The place was tiny but very organized and fascinating.

Compared to the work their prices are very reasonable so maybe one day soon we can commission something from them as it is so special.

It is these kind of old fashioned treasure shops that I love from cities in Turkey, you never know when you'll find one :)


  1. that woodworker shop looks really awesome indeed!
    and bummer about the wrong ikea cabinets.

  2. amazing workshop! it is sad if I think they are going to disappear soon (at least in Spain)

  3. What a wonderful place!! Love every single piece!! Sorry for the wrong cabinet :(

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