Thursday 27 December 2018

New Orleans: Botanical Garden

The other day we went to the Botanical Garden, which is located in a beautiful park.

The garden was lovely, weather was beautiful and it was not crowded.

I expected a little more 'botanical' it was more of a pretty garden/ park but it was lovely none the less.

Because of Christmas, there were some extra decorations, apparently, at Christmas night they light a whole bunch of lights in the park which must look amazing but it is attended by thousands which was not appealing to us.

There was also a statue garden.

And the flowers attracted lots of butterflies, mostly Monarch.

Some whimsical decor in between like an unexpected chandelier.

I loved the little glasshouse with cacti and succulents.

And there was an adorable miniature New Orleans, mostly made with organic materials.

And trains driving through. The trains only work during the weekend so we went on Saturday.

There was also a workplace for the old guy watching over the miniature place. He had a lot of fun at his job, playing with trains :)

All by all, it was a lovely place to visit, and I'm glad that we did :)

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