Thursday 13 December 2018

St Augustine and Jacksonville

After staying to nights in Daytona Beach we went up to St. Augustine.

The oldest continuously occupied European settlement in the US, St Augustine was founded by the Spanish in 1565.

Today it is a major tourist destination but luckily as we are traveling at such a strange time of the year the crowd was fine even though it was Saturday it was pleasant. I can not imagine in Summer though, as even now we had to pay 10$ parking for a pretty far spot.

Lots and lots of churches.

Everything was well kept and picture perfect.

We just spent a few hours to walk through town.

We loved the less visited back streets.

And the cute Christmas decorations.

Some houses were open for the public, you can do a tour of those which we avoided as the houses were full.

We preferred the outdoor details.

Some houses seemed like fairytale houses.

Florida is very green and flat, a very different landscape than California.

And this town is right at the coast and a lot of these houses are looking to the water so have great views as well.

Here and there you could see some storm damage.

I loved this determined lady, she really wanted to read that book.

Some houses were hidden between greenery.

 After spending a few hours here we went to Jacksonville, as you can see we already made quite the distance in a few days from Miami. We stayed 2 nights at Jacksonville as most things would be closed and we had a comfortable hotel, not to mention that Mum got the Flu which I now have too.
Jacksonville was just a city but had some great thrift stores :)

We're already much further ahead, I'm behind in blogging but from tomorrow on we will be in New Orleans for 2 weeks so I'll catch up there with the destinations we traveled.


  1. This was fun to read :) So many great pictures of houses, churches and details! Thanks for sharing, Star!

  2. Estella, It is so nice to go through the pictures you took. I never thought of the states having this much historical sights. It is like watching "gone with the wind".
    … can't wait to see what you found on those thrift shops...

  3. I love the "old south" feel of Saint Augustine...very Gone with the Wind.

  4. oh wow! looks like a gorgeous place to visit! thanks for the pictures!