Friday 7 December 2018

Miami, Miami Beach and Daytona Beach

Our first few days have passed in a haze. The journey was long; 1.5 hour drive to the airport a few hours at the airport then a 1.5 hour flight to Istanbul, waiting 5 hours in Istanbul and then a 13 hours flight to Miami. Jetlagged we went through the next day and drove to Miami beach and looked around but just by driving as parking is difficult and we were dazy. It is also a place for the rich and fortunate, lots of glamorous cars and fancy dressed people.

A golf court, how very Floridy :)

A peek in the Art Deco district.

Christmas-y Palmtrees.

Today we drove from Miami to Daytona Beach, a drive of more than 5 hours but we'll stay here two nights to chill a bit without city crowds.

We saw some adorable houses on our arrival.

And the Atlantic Ocean is much calmer and warmer than the Pacific Ocean which we saw last year at the California coast.

The weather has been warm and lovely, near the ocean and right before sunset it was chilly but it is December after all.

Someone else wrote this but I loved the message :)

The sand was so very fine it made that kind of movement like fresh snow when you walk on it.

We are staying right at the Penninsula, our room has no view of the ocean but it is just a 2-minute walk, so wonderful!

We haven't planned our next stop yet but you'll see soon enough :)


  1. What beautiful places you visit! And the pictures are amazing.

  2. Looks like a dream trip! Enjoy!

  3. Love your photos! Those houses are amazing!

  4. Great Travel log post, Star! Love all the pictures! Keep them coming :)

  5. looks great! have loads of fun over there :)